Get to Know Caregraphy


Caregraphy is an innovative social management system which is led by a results-driven management with a passion for empowering social care providers through cutting-edge software and technological solutions. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by these providers, we specialise in listening to the needs of our customers and accurately translating them into technology-driven tools that streamline operations, improve outcomes, and drive positive change. By combining our social care industry knowledge, technical expertise, and a consultative approach, we excel in building relationships through understanding client needs, and providing solutions for sustainable growth.


About Our Story

At Caregraphy, our journey began from a pressing need within our own social care organisation. We faced significant challenges in managing placements for young people, including complex support packages, multiple properties, collaboration with stakeholders, and the limitations of existing software solutions in the sector.

Fortunately, our director, with an IT background and a deep understanding of social care, recognised this critical gap. Driven by a passion for improving social care outcomes, our director assembled a dedicated team of professionals from diverse backgrounds in software development, social work, and care management.

Drawing on our collective expertise and unwavering commitment, we developed Caregraphy, a technologically advanced software solution that addresses the unique complexities of managing young people's placements. Our goal is to streamline operations, enhance communication, and improve outcomes for young people in care.

Caregraphy is the result of our shared vision and dedication. We take pride in offering a software solution that empowers care providers and serves as a catalyst for positive change in the lives of young people and the dedicated professionals who support them.

The meaning of Caregraphy

While the name "Caregraphy" is easily memorable it was created to convey a sense of care and storytelling. Every one of us has a story! Caregraphy is a combination of two words which resonate with the healthcare or social care sector.

  • Care: communicates a sense of empathy, concern, and attention to others well-being. As a brand we are focused on providing solutions that enhance care and support.
  • Graphy: is from the Greek word "graphia," meaning "to write" or "to record." It implies a sense of storytelling, documentation, or visual representation. This expresses how our system captures and presents data, information, or narratives in a meaningful way that enhances outcomes.

Caregraphy is a registered trademark of Nubiacom Ltd, a technology company founded in 2013 and registered in England and Wales.