As we are dedicated to offering exceptional value, we have designed our pricing packages to ensure you find the perfect fit for your needs and budget. Whether you're looking for a month-to-month arrangement or the savings of an annual commitment, we've got you covered. Look through our packages below to discover the best fit for your organisation and feel free to contact us if you need to discuss our pricing.

Monthly Flex Plan
£50 per home (1st month)

£85 per home per month thereafter.

If you keep the service for a year, the total cost will be £50 for the first month plus £85 for the remaining 11 months, totalling £985 for the whole year.

Annual Savings Plan
£935 per home (1 year)

This effectively gives you one month free based on the monthly rate of £85.

Your price is locked-in when you subscribe to the Annual Package. Even if our prices go up, yours will stay the same for the entire term of your subscription.

Bespoke Package

For 10 homes and more we are happy to discuss your requirements and give you favourable pricing.

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