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Innovative Social Care Management is Here!

At Caregraphy, we are dedicated to transforming the way you manage your social care organisation. Whether you're a start-up or established Independent Supported Accommodation, Assisted Living Facility, or other similar provider, we have developed a powerful platform designed to simplify your operations, enhance collaboration, and deliver exceptional support and care to your clients.

On this page you will discover how to join us to get started with Caregraphy so you can transform your social care management.


Stop working with old ways and old systems.

Choose one of the two easy ways below to start working with Caregraphy and experience a new era of efficiency, collaboration, and client-centric care. Empower your team with a comprehensive platform that puts client care at the forefront.

Consultative Process

Our consultative process refers to a collaborative approach where we meet with you, listen to your requirements and advise you of specific functionality within Caregraphy to addresses your needs.


A fact-finding meeting to gather essential information and gain an understanding of your organisation's needs and current situation.

Caregraphy Demo

A demonstration to showcase the features, functionality, and benefits of Caregraphy and alignment with your organisation's requirements.

Setup and Start

Once you're happy with what you've seen we will set up your account and test it, before handing over. We will also provide free training if required.